It is a keychain with three keys that includes:

1 entrance to the Fortress of La Mota and the Abacial Palace in Alcalá la Real (Jaén). With this experience, the traveler will enter the Monumental Complex of La Mota Fortress. Located in a magical enclave. This monumental space was the key, guard and defense of the kingdoms of Castile. We suggest that you venture between its walls. Crossing its strategic doors, crossing its buildings and dependencies, and knowing its urban fabric, its Alcazaba, Abbey Major Church, Wine Cellars, the “Adarve”, Streets, Houses …. For this, with your entry we will provide you a descriptive map of the site and an enjoyable audio guide in different languages. See info.

1 entrance to the Alcazaba and Real Colegiata in Antequera (Málaga). This activity allows the visitor to enter the monumental Antequera of the upper part of the city. In the Plaza de Santa María and Plaza de los Escribanos, three historical cultures are merged through monuments such as the Roman baths, the Real Colegiata Church of Santa María and the Alcazaba. The visit will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the fortress that Infante Don Fernando will take in 1410, which was key in the conquest of Granada that took place 80 years later. If you access the Tower of Tribute, you will have the opportunity to meet the child himself, who was baptized as the one from Antequera. But your time travel does not end here, when you get to the White Tower, the legend of the Peña de los Enamorados will be narrated by one of its protagonists. See info.

1 entrance to The Moral Castle and the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum in Lucena (Córdoba). This visit allows you to visit The Moral Castle, declared a monumental national historical monument because it was in this fortified enclave where, in its Tower of Tribute, the last king of Granada, Boabdil “El Chico”, was imprisoned after being captured in the battle of Martín González. However, its Moral tower is the most characteristic and recognized. This is octagonal silver, covered by an octagonal brick vault in the eighteenth century. See info.


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