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It is located next to what until the XVIII century was the neuralgic center of the city: “El Coso”, a square used as a market, place of parties, bullfights, executions and military parace until the construction of the Plaza Nueva in 1618. The building, was declared National Monument with order date of June, 3th 1931, for have been prison of the last king of Granada, Boabdil. It presents features that evidence the different vicissitudes and changes of the owners, the historical circumstances that it went through the Cordoba’s south of general way and particularly, Lucena.

Its initial structure is a square floor approximately, dating from the XI century when Lucena was known as Eliossana, the city of the Jewish, with towers in the angles of which conserves intact the called “las Damas”, orientated at N.E., solid and hardly superior to the height of the wall. Similar to the above, although it is not complete, is the tower of the Coso, towards the S.W.

Afterwards, they were added in the other corners of the set, replaced to those mentioned similar towers, the tower of the Homage, of square floor, in the N.W. angle empty in its total height. It presents in one of their faces, sculpted in a block of stone, the weapons shield of the Martinez de Argote, who received Lucena in Majesty Manor of the Felipe II king. As peculiarity of this tower, is that it was the prison of the last king of Granada, Boabdil “El chico”, after being captured in the battle of Lucena in 1483. Opposite to it, there is the octagonal floor of the tower of the Moral, which give the name to the castle. It is empty only on top of the hallway, where it was places probably in the XVIII century, a capital of Arabian tile.

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