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Archaeological Site Plaza de Armas


The archaeological site located in the former Plaza de Armas of the Real Alcazar has witnessed the historical course of the city. Thus the turdetano, roman, muslim and medieval legacies converge in this place where it can be said that Écija was born.

The various archaeological campaigns reveal evidence of occupation since the ninth century a. C., with a continuity in the use of space that reaches the present time. Through these interventions developed since 1999 it has been possible to bring to light important vestiges, among which stand out those of Roman times.

In the time of the Al-Andalus it would become the fortress of Istiya, the Euska Muslimus. After the reconquest of the city in 1240 by the Castilian troops, the fortification will be administered by several alcaides appointed by the king. After several centuries of deterioration, in the eighteenth century it became a horse riding school, hence it is popularly known in the city as a neighborhood of the “Picadero”. [After being occupied by substandard housing in 1999, the recovery of the space for its study begins]

In its interior they emphasize the rest of a turdetano building, whose functions are related to the cult and diverse Roman stays richly decorated with mosaics, marmoreal pavements and mural painting in an exceptional state of conservation. From the remains of the Muslim fortification you can see the entire city.


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