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The Roman Village of Fuente Álamo is a site located 3 km from Puente Genil, in the direction of the village of “Los Arenales”. In the archaeological site of Fuente Álamo, several historical phases are observed, from the 1st to the 2nd century AD. until the 11th century AD The most important stage corresponds to a Roman “uilla” from the end of the 4th century, where one of the largest sets of mosaics is contemplated, in terms of their number, preserved throughout Spain. Being some of them, unique specimens within the Hispano-Roman musivaria. We refer to the mosaics of the Three Graces, the Triumph of Bacchus or the copy of the Nilotic theme. The village is superimposed on some structures of high imperial period, possibly a public “balneum” where you can see swimming pools, ponds and some rooms dedicated to bathing and leisure.

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Carretera Provincial CO-6224 Km. 3
Puente Genil
( Córdoba )
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957605034 - ext. 380
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